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Orphan Black Meme

1/7 funny moments

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Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

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          ↪Moodboard Gif Hunt

So i've been seeing the trend of moodboard gif hunts becoming a thing and I decided to jump on the band wagon. So under the cut you will find #500+ gifs to use for moodboards. I basically scrolled through the moodboard tag and saved a ton. Now none of these gifs are mine so credit goes to the original gif maker and please like or reblog if this was helpful!


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i’ve known these for a while but now i can post them

parker moretti, 21, tech (liam payne)
noah cooper, 22, athletics (francisco lachowski)
brett dennings, 19, medicine (luke hemmings)

come at me with plots!

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Alias: Liam
Age: 23
Timezone: GMT
Favourite type of plot: secrets, betrayals, anything angsty and dangerous
Favourite playbys: liam payne, paul wesley, idek, pretty people
What would you like to see on Dominus?: no drama, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. members being creative with the situations we’ve thought up.
Tell us an embarrassing secret: *whispers* i’m not wearing underwear

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*petitions to delay the opening by a week to watch you all squirm*



love you really~

some people just like to watch the world burn

half expecting you to break out into song “just gonna stand there and watch me buuuurn”

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*petitions to delay the opening by a week to watch you all squirm*

love you really~

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a parker jones moodboard

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ugh, cassc, i hate you. now i really want a slush puppy!

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a chase payne moodboard