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felix cooper, twenty two, human, dance instructor
  • felix is originally from london but moved away to enrol at a performing arts academy when he was seventeen.
  • it was here he met the mother of his two year old son, noah.
  • he moved back to be closer to his family, missing london since it was a huge part of his childhood.
  • his parents never liked him dancing but he did it anyway. his father finally came to terms with what felix wanted just before he died.
  • he knows about the supernatural creatures but likes to pretend they don’t really exist. he’s never met someone like that and assumes since he doesn’t have proof that they can’t exist.
  • he’s currently single but battling feelings for his male best friend which is a huge deal for him since he’s only ever been attracted to girls.
  • since noah came along, and his mum is absent, felix wasn’t able to pursue a career as a professional dancer so instead works as an instructor.
  • his father left him a hell of a lot of money when he died so the studio he teaches in is his own. he won’t want for anything and nor will his son.
  • felix will soon become a vampire and struggle with the transition by initially refusing to accept what he is.
  • he’s always been quite a strong willed person and will brush it off saying he doesn’t need blood. he thinks mind over matter is all it takes.
  • because of his naivety he’ll struggle with his hunger and will end up hurting and almost killing someone.
  • he’ll also resent the vampire that turned him for a little bit, who is actually the best friend he has feelings for because i love angst.
  • his other best friend (a witch) will be the one to grant him the power to walk in the sun but she likes to mess with him and will more than likely fuck with that power just to piss him off.
  • i feel like i’m done now. come at me for plots.

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